【WoT】 Time to Pledge

Warlords of Terra certainly seems to be my attention for past couple days.  The game play just truly intrigues me.  In all honest, I see this game can potentially fill in all the missing pieces in dTCG that I felt in all other games including HEX:TCG, Hearthstone etc.  However, I had major concerns at the time, which are mostly related not directly to the game play but rather other things, which are equally or more important to certain extent.  Guess what!  As if they listened to my voice (sort of did) but they really made a huge/quick changes on kickstarter.  I think at this point, I recommend any dTCG/dCCG fans should pledge on this game.

It is dTCG!

The game initially started out as dCCG with Forge system, which is interesting but I generally consider it as a gimmick as it costs so much to be able to forge what you want.  So making a deck you want easily becomes outrageous price or alternatively simply impossible.  One of the main reason Carte CCG failed in my opinion.

Another issue of dCCG without trading/auction house is no monetary value in the investment.  Everything you pay stays entirely in your account.  Best you can do is potentially sell your account (if that’s allowed) but that’s pretty much it, and imagine that is also very low value as buyer knows best he can do is the same.  With such fear or risk(?), people may end up staying away from the game.

So trading capability is essentially a must have feature for me unless game takes a route of one time fee and play any card you want until next expansion e.g. Faeria CCG.  But otherwise, digital CCG is almost destined to fail to attract hardcore CCG/TCG fans, which results in lack of player pool for casual play to jump in either.

So I was truly worried that WoT was originally dCCG.

We want to inform backers about what we consider a FUNDAMENTAL change in WoT approach and VALUE. In our first idea, we prepared a FORGE system to change repeated cards for another (better) ones.

After discussing, and with the OK of programming department, we have decided that, instead of or in addition to forge (it’s possible we keep both options to solve the problem with VERY repeated cards), we’ll build an AUCTION room, in which players will be able to set a price for their cards and other players will be able to buy them with SHIELDS (game coins). For this, the game will keep a small part of the sale (10%).

There will exist a MINIMUM price we will estimate and estipulate, and which could vary. This minimum amount will be based in the rarity of the card and how played it is.

Anyway, respecting the minimum amount, the player will be able to decide the sale price, and possible buyers will do the rest. The time cards will be available is still a matter to be discussed.

We hope it was from big interest for potential players and backers, and tht they like this decision. Thanks to all and see you soon around here!

Update #4: Kickstarter

So yes!  WoT is dTCG (or they call BTCG for Battlefield).  There is still a risk if this game doesn’t succeed then every penny we put in becomes nothing, but that’s an acceptable risk in my opinion.

With a trade system, worst case if you don’t like the game you can always potentially sell cards may be via paypal/ebay or whatever method is*.

Note: Technically, such ability requires direct trading option without going through auction house, but once a game gets Auction ability, I believe it is a matter of time until the game implement this option as I am sure all players will beg for it and since only fair trade will take place or considering risk, in game auction house still likely to remain well utilized i.e. what HEX has right now.

But auction house presence will certainly provides much more reasonable way to get your required card i.e. to make a decks you want.

If the game end up succeeding, you may even be able to make money off by selling your collections!

Generous Kickstarter Pledge Values!

Now that you have trading capability, everything you get on kickstarter have true values at least and for sure within the game.  Let’s say if you get $100 worth of extra booster packs, you can trade that within the game and use it to buy other things in the game e.g. future expansion packs, desired cards etc.  So essentially you are getting in game currency with significant discounted price!

I will create a different post regarding to the analysis of different tier values, but at quick glance, higher tier levels $100 to $500 are pretty generous.  Some may even exceed most generous dTCG kickstarter value seen in history, HEX:TCG.

Check them out for yourself if you cannot wait until my tier analysis post!




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