【WoT】Updated* Kickstarter Tier Analysis

So let’s start the tier value analysis with high value tiers, which provide more bang for bucks.

Because I had incorrect value of some items, the original analysis was bit underestimate (yes it was already great, but actually even better now for backers).

11/28/2015 – Yet another update.  This time the update was done because draft pass price is now changed from 1.79 to 1.7.


  • Regular Booster Pack (BP): 0.99
  • Master booster pack (MP):  1.59 1.99€
  • Basic deck (BD): 2.99€ for second deck, 4.99€  for third and forth
  • Draft/tournament pass (DT) (planned for 1.59 1.7€ per draft pass but tournament fee not yet known)
    • Although tournament is not yet known and therefore I assumed same 1.7, but I would not be surprised tournament fee be more than draft fee.  In which case, below calculation in theory can jump up further.

Tier Analysis

Tier Level BP MP BD DT Value Saving
1 3 2.97 1.97
5 5 1 1 9.93 4.93
10 7 2 2 18.89 8.89
25 10 3 3 28.84 3.84
50 50 20 3 102.27 52.27
100 75 30 3 182 456.32 356.32
250 100 50 3 365 831.97 581.97
500 0 150 3 385 965.97 465.97

Note that above analysis is based on the 1 year state since 250 level tier has 1 year free draft each day.  But 500 tier has life time one draft/tournament per day so second year it continues to grow the value (see below).

Please note that these analysis does not include uncertain value components like extra hero selection, hero avatar, alternative art hero, signed poster, or even 4 printed decks & playmats.  So above analysis is basically a bear minimum value and saving.

As brought up by developer in comment, if Hero cards are rarest of all card then alternative art of such card and being able to select any one of them can have potentially significant value of its own.  But these are hard to put into number at this point.

One thing here you notice is $25 tier is actually worth value than lower level tiers.  This is because at the time of tier value updates, two backers had it locked and therefore developer could not change the content.

50 tier and up shows significant value jump with even higher jump at 100 tier.

100 has basically almost 4.5x value of what you pay.  250 tier has over 3x value or over 581 free stuff.

500 tier does not seem as good of deal as others on this table, but that’s only because its the tier you get lifetime daily draft/tournament i.e. value continues to climb up even after first year.

500 Tier is Dream Tier

Here is separate table looking at 500€ tier during first three years.

Year Value Saving
1 965.97 465.97
2 1586.47 1086.47
3 2312.82 1812.82

As you can see, if you continue to play the game, second year it becomes more than 3x of your investment,  Third year, it became little shy of 5 times value of your investment.

But more importantly, if you continue to play the game and the game continues to exist, for the life of game you can just keep playing perhaps without even spending anymore money because you can play a draft or tournament every single day.  This tournament includes both daily tournament or larger biweekly tournament.

Now obviously for someone who really gets into the game might want to play more than a couple drafts over weekend, and your ticket is good only for the specific day i.e. no carry over, so you may still end up spending some money here and there, but all the card you gain from daily draft or tournament, you may even be able to complete your set or trade them off to cover the cost.

Another probably obvious point is, nobody literally plays a draft/tournament every single day so hard to get this whole true value but you get the point, it has that option!

Compare to HEX

Most generous dTCG on Kickstarter was HEX:TCG, and therefore most successful.  Let’s compare to the gold standard here.

On HEX, $120 (King Tier) gave value of $433 with saving of $313.00. In WoT, you save $372.70 for $100.  Again, non measurable items not included.

What about HEX’s most popular Pro Tier (1 draft/week for lifetime)?  For $250, at two years it gave value of $1086 with saving of $931.00.  Here since you won’t have the second year luxury with WoT, it ends up short with 581 saving, which is still very good deal.

Then comparing to the best of the best, Grand King Tier on the HEX.  Grand King gave value of $961 on second year and continues to climb up, but same thing happens with 500 tier with WoT with saving of 1086€ second year so it’s even better deal than the HEX.

Here WoT does not have the PvE mode so no bonus loot thing, which actually counts significant and also collector exclusive card also now we know sells pretty high value, but the difference of ~$100 partially makes up for it.

But to me, here actual play-ability wise, WOT is not restricting us to one draft a week but it’s a daily draft or even tournaments.  So even for those who may end up moving on to different dTCG, it pays back really quick not only by monetary value but more importantly actual play time, which after all I believe is the most important portion for us dTCG fans.

Recommended Tier

Personally, I recommend 100 tier if you can afford.  It is truly a great value for buck you spend and even beats the value of legendary HEX for the same level Tier.

Obviously, if you can go for it, 500 is the way to go with one LIFE TIME daily draft, or fast tournament or even allows to participate every single biweekly tournament, which is just a dream for dTCG player.  This tier basically has highest value for buck in the history of dTCG in Kickstarter (all assuming the game succeeds).

Prizes of draft are not exactly known yet but it has been confirmed likely to be similar to that of Hearthstone at least.

So basically, I say get it now!



9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Hellmaster on November 24, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Hi, i’ve commented before about the pledges and other aspects of the game. I am happy to see that they did some modifications on them but heere is what i think in general.

    1- some tiers have excellent value, would of love to see the 250$ get the lifetime draft (Like hex)
    2- I have a feeling they don’t exactly know what they will do. They will do an auction house but set a limit on a minimum bid. (and 10% fee. ouch) They maybe think to do a 2 tier system with crafting, Also its a tcg but with a hearthstone type of drafting so no keeping the cards..
    3- No tech demo but a release in less than 6 months. I have seen games that are in working conditions and took a year to run an Alpha. Even less a release. (you do have a team of 30 so its a good team. just the estimate vs no demo. )

    I’ll probably pledge 100$, (would of done 250 If it had the all life draft 😉 )

    Oh and i wonder, are they going to support the pledges even if they don’t make it to the full amont of the KS ? (Zems cog will so that is why i am asking)



    • Posted by Anonymous on November 24, 2015 at 10:27 pm

      1. 250 having life time draft of may be once a week after 1year may be fair.
      2. 10% does sound a bit higher end but I’m really glad they are going trading card game route. Correct me here as I’ve not played HS arenas, but I thought they will let you draft with random card not to keep but you will win prizes which include booster packs, and even potential to play another draft for free i.e. Good player can keep playing and winning packs. Most of time drafted card become quickly not so important for keeping as commons quickly accumulate , low value rare means not much. So personally, I’m ok not keeping and rather have lower entry fee so I can just focus on building a deck that can win and no rare draft.
      3. I do agree as its a risk. But they admits that and increase reward accordingly so I’m assuming they are in good shape. But yes beyond one month they may want keep adding stuff just in case,

      I hope they make KS as I’m really intrigued by this game mechanics. If I have a concern, it’s the balance among cards. Can a small group make a game with good balance,


    • Hi there! It’s WoT CEO again:)

      1- I’m sorry some of you maybe think without lifetime draft value it’s (probably?)not enough. I know HEX did it, but think you are comparing WoT with the TCG that gave highest tiers remembered. In addition to this, even though some backers aren’t looking for such those things, poster is in fact a real-physical cost item (printing and shipping). Moreover, things that EXCLUSIVE/UNIQUE Hero skins (arts) that will only be for backers add in fact (counting on game success, of course, I know) a high value to add to the tier. I could add other factor that aren’t so easily countable. Previously I had to admit tiers weren’t balanced and value had lower worth than required but we consider tiers (except maybe 25€ as Houshasen said) are more than ok. Are pretty good. It’s just a matter of observing all given elements.

      2- I do understand that feeling. I recognized, and I do it again, we hadn’t thought seriously about auction house. This has been a recent reconsideration and we took the idea seriously after an “urgent meeting” with programmers yesterday. So, that way it’s impossible to have a closed and well defined plan. In fact, it won’t probably be ready in March with the game release, but it won’t take too much more time. So, be sure we’re going to work on it and auction house will exist. Thanks again because you are the one who made me see that important fact so clear.

      3- Yeah that’s right. we’re in fact a bit on a hurry with developing phases, I recognize, but I follow programming process (obv) and we still can arrive in time (I insist on this fact to programmers again and again and again…). Anyway, First half of December you will see a gameplay. Simple, but real and effective. Hope you enjoy!

      Answering your last question, I have to say sorry but we can’t. Main (but not only) reason is that our tiers include physical rewards we cannot afford with that extra money. Our problem is that we have enough budget to launch the game, but then it’s over. I mean, when we launch the game, with our current available budget, we’ll have enough money to remain 3 maybe 4 months with no money entry. So, can’t even think about printing any extra material, or sending it to any place around the world.

      By the way, I have hope we can succeed, cause our game deserves it, we deserve it, and we know you players have noticed that and will appreciate that. Diffusion is being our worst enemy, but we’re working hard for people to know we have a great game and want to share it with all of them!

      Thanks again friend.


  2. Posted by Hellmaster on November 24, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    1- for the lifetime draft, dont forget that they are 1,59$ drafts (or whatever you call them) not full 3 packs + cost. So weekly draft would be to little. Maybe 3-4x times a week for the life time even the first year would be great actually in that tier. (like that the 500$ would have everyday )
    Another thing to consider is do you lose those daily drafts if you don’t use them? They could just be tokens given into the account and used as you wish (so implementing 3x a week would be possible)

    2- True that i agree the Arena system is better in alot of ways including the play when you feel to type of tournament compared to the 3hours+ to draft (which i hate) but passing a 20$ card in a TCG just is painful. (but again the Asynchronous system is better in alot of ways)

    3- For them to have lots of people they need to have some demo. Labyrinth CCG which is ending in less than 16 hours came out and sent people demos for them to play and to review. Just because of that its working (but their 250$ pledges and above are horrible, you can see alot of the pledges are bought under the 100$ value)


    • Posted by Anonymous on November 24, 2015 at 10:54 pm

      1. I actually do agree as my analysis indeed shows value for Hex Pro tier being better than WoT 250 tier. Stucking up wi max count is it a bad idea but may be too good as that will result in life time tier person to not even spend a penny. As a developer I think giving free draft should incentivize more frequent log in to keep online active population. Stucking up will take that off, but yes as a consumer I’m totally with you.

      2. Passing legendary is hard on draft nut how often you get that and cards will be truly assessed on power with this system is my guess. Certainly much easier entry point for casual gamers.

      3. I do agree having demo is really nice, it does t have to be playable for us but between developers with some of simple Rush vs rush deck may even be helpful as this game has so many interesting mechanics.


      • Posted by Hellmaster on November 24, 2015 at 11:38 pm

        1- so giving free drafts for life in the 250 tier would be good as it would give people a reason to log as much as possible and play. The idea is to create a population because the worst thing that can happen is having a great card game with no one to play with. I still think 3 arena a week would still be a good compromise (for the life of the game). I can guarantee you that i’ll find a reason to spend money. I actually have a pro player account in hex and still find ways to spend my money. When cards have value thats what happens 🙂

        Oh and thank you on the articles, they are very interesting and its nice to see someone as addict as me on TCG/CCG 🙂 (and tech of course )

  3. Posted by houshasen on November 25, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Same here. Thanks for comment. Always nice to see another addicts!

    For $250 Tier, value wise if we use HEX as reference (again the most generous dTCG in history for kickstarter), 3 draft/week for life makes this very similar to it. But if that’s the route game takes, 500 needs to be adjusted to probably 7 draft/week. So looking at the latter makes a bit easier comparison to daily draft (assuming no stocking). Player won’t log in every day with weekly limit, but daily limit has a bit more incentive to do so (although technically it’s only $2 worth). So I think there slightly different effect despite same pack counts. Having said that, it really comes down to acquiring player in this early phase, so yes as a consumer much higher flexibility with X number of draft ticket weekly than daily, and LIFETIME keyword has so much power.


  4. Hi again Houshasen!
    Just some comment about your article:

    1) Awesome detail on your value study, I thank you identify at least things there that are not measurable (but do exist, as exclusive content, which is really valuable, even more if your mind thinks about investing for future possibilities).

    2) Price corrections: WOT Masters booster will cost 1.99€, and draft price could be a BIT higher than I told you probably, but not too much (won’t get 2€). We’re still studying possibilities. Anyway, not serious variations.

    3) Exactly, I couldn’t change 25€ rewards, so I thought “well, let’s do it 50€ on at least”. But analysis in this case seemed to me incorrect. I counted this:
    2nd Deck 2.99€ (3)
    3rd Deck 4.99€ (5)
    4th deck 499€ (5)
    10 boosters 9.90€ (10)
    3 WOT Masters Booster 5.97€ (6)

    That’s (counting rounded amounts) 29€, and you must add choosing an extra hero, which really has value. A value you should count with: SELECTING another hero of your choice makes you avoid the research of it by opening boosters and boosters, or waiting to auction house to be released and somebody offers it. You just choose and get it. It has value. The avatar hero is a small extra thing, but it’s cool 🙂

    So, I’d have risen up 25€ tier value, yes. But I couldn’t and I think it’s not very unfair. Could be improved, of course, but backer can take some profit from it I truly think. Not much, sure, but some. Even thinking he’s investing (reason why I would have increased it), not directly buying.

    For the rest of the analysis , I must say good job friend! And of course thanks a lot for your support. It has more value than many rewards! 🙂


    • Posted by houshasen on November 25, 2015 at 4:56 pm


      Thanks for reply. I was not clear on website you had one place basic deck was 2.99 and the other 4.99 so I assumed one was typo and went for 2.99 for all, but it sounds like value really changes between 2nd deck and 3&4th decks. Also thanks for updating other prices. I will adjust it accordingly and update this now.


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