【Labryrinth CCG】Funded!

Congratulations to Free Range Games.  The game has been funded for its relatively high target goal $150,000.

The game achieved the goal with final result of $156,781 with 1365 backers.  Considering exploring somewhat new type of game genre, it is quite achievement.

In all honesty, I was a bit surprised, this game reached its goal.   Yes. it had significantly increased pledge value towards end with DOUBLING packs, but core of the game appears to be Player vs. AI than true Player vs. Player.  Granted they have promised PvP is planned but may not have been core of the design.

Regardless, I am sure I will be checking this game out when it gets released (though not as beta since I did not pledge) so if any of you here backed this game up and have a chance to play the actual game, be sure to let me know the experience.  I can be easily regretted. 🙂

Official Sitehttp://labyrinthccg.com


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