【Warlords of Terra】Tablet version confirmed?

The supported platforms for the game has now been clarified.

The PLATFORMS in which WoT will be available are:

1st) PC, MAC and Linux (this probably a BIT later).

2nd) After a While, we’ll adapt it for tablets, putting it on Google Play (Android) and IOS (with certain degree of success, we’ll pay IOS license, count with that).

IMPORTANT: because of the game design, WoT won’t be playable in smartphones, as battlefield couldn’t be seen properly, and cards couldn’t be well used or even seen.

From Kickstarter

Similar to the other dTCG/dCCG, the tablet version is not the priority, but this statement can be thought of promise/commitment from the developer.

When will it be?  Nobody knows.  Even the HEX with 2 million dollar funding with a promise to hire a team to bring HEX to tablets as one of stretch goal still has not provided the version.  But we now have a hope with statement above!



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