【Warlords of Terra】First gameplay video is up!!

If seeing is believing, now you have it.  The first in gameplay of the game is up.  Yes. It is prealpha but looking already great.

Despite reported prealpha status, the game already shows developers dedication and quality of the game. Even the deck card list have a book like interface which some consider as just optional thing but simply makes game so much more professional (even 2 million dollar Kickstarter HEX doesn’t have this).

There is little animated moving background/battlefield.  One can easily imagine unfunded indie game can cut down budget here.

I really think this game deserves the first class support not only because of the game content but quality as well.

Do you agree after seeing this?  Let me know what you think.



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  1. Posted by Hellmaster on December 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    Based on that video (which is great to see some gameplay) I would think that their release march 2016 is a bit …. optimistic 🙂 I’d go in the line of march alpha, end of year beta, and after release. (half of 2017 )

    They need to
    1- make the game playable
    2- polish the game
    3- release alpha
    4- program tournaments (drafts to start)
    5- fix tounaments (they always crash)
    6- Trading system
    7- Auction system
    8 – design and program new cards (not to make people wait 2 years for a new set)
    9 – polish the game some more 🙂

    Its time, money and commitment.

    Hope they hold all of that.


    • Posted by houshasen on December 2, 2015 at 9:13 pm

      Coming out of beta is years of process now a days. But as far as having playable content by March? It’s a tight goal but I’m more optimistic though likely to have lots of bugs, which I hope they can squash as much during closed beta, which supposed to start in January though this one yes I’m pessimistic for meeting the goal.


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