【Warlords of Terra】True tradig system?

WOT started as dCCG and quickly changed to dTCG.  It was a major change that tipped me to be a strong believer and supporter of this game.  But it was undeniable fact that there was a bit concern about how would this be exactly implemented.  It could have been compromised system with just a name of trading system.  However, this concern is over.  What we will see in WOT trading system is not a real trading system but it takes things at a level beyond.

3 modes of trading

Players will have 3 buy/trade options:

1) Auction house: here any player can buy cards by bidding. The system will put a minimum price based on card rarity, but, as that minimum amount won’t be very high, seller will be able to increase that starting price as much as they want. After choosing the minimum amount and the time players can bid (24-48h), the auction begins. When finished, seller gets their game money (discounting 7% fee) and that’s it!

2) Direct sale/trade: in this case, both players will have to pay 10 shields as a trading/selling tax. Maybe unpopular measure, but a really low amount counting with the fact we allow this. Take it as a “service tax”, which most of cases will be ridiculous compared with traded amount (10 shields will be the amount given for winning a match). If a player wants to commerce with/give really cheap cards and it’s not worth trading this way, we recommend trading with more cards same time (to make it worth of it) or going to option 3 (if you just want to give some cheap cards to a friend). But one more thing before going to that point:

Seller assist mode: when any player “puts on the table” a card, a small window will tell them the LAST auction price for that card, in order for them to have a good reference about how much players are paying for it. Appart from this, players will be free to accept (or not) their trades. Minimum selling amount will be the same here as auction house one (rarity based, low minimum*).

3) Gift mode: do you want to give a helping hand to a friend new in WoT? Ok, then we help you too. Just give them some cards! This will be a ONE DIRECTION trade, as cards will NOT accept money/cards back. So, when a player puts a card on the table, the other player automatically loses this option. No fees/taxes/minimum prices using this system, so this can be a suitable option to trade (even not friends) with really low-cost cards. If the other player goes out the room without putting back a card (remember it can’t be done same time), they will have risked being banned for a “penny card”.

So, this is the way we’ll implement trading/selling system. Know it’s not perfect, but it’s our way, and we think will really be appreciated by most players. Thanks very much!

* First estimation (not definitive) minimum prices:

– Common card: 10Sh(ields)

– Uncommon card: 30Sh

– Rare card: 50Sh

– Epic card: 100Sh

At first glance, things may not be obvious but each mode has their own benefit and therefore limitation.  So combining/provided these three different modes, we as a player get ultimate choices.   Let’s take a look at each mode separately.

Auction house

This is going to be core of the trading system.  Player list their card with at least minimum price and others can bid until the auction closure (or I assume buy it price).  Basically, this is built in EBay.  Good for buyers and sellers and market value will drive itself by popularity.

Downside here is a commission, which is not bad at 7% but not free.  But what about trading cards?

Direct Trade Mode

This is the mode provide direct trading between players,  all you have to do is pay nearly free commission of 10 shields.  What’s good here and perhaps innovative is WOT will tell traders the values of cards on table based on recent auction price.  So even a player new to game is somewhat protected from a scam of bad trade e.g. Someone pretends to give cheapest epics in return of most expensive epic in the game.  So 10 shields are basically fee to ensure secure and safe trade.

But what about in a case of just gifting your friend?  Downside here is if you want to give your friend a cheap common because of duplicate, both you and your friend has to pay 10 shields which actually makes cheaper to just go auction house.  Hence, third mode.

Gift Mode

This is one way card giving to other player without any fee.  Perfect for friend sharing.  Perhaps, transferring assets from one account to another.

Some may think even 10 shields in direct trade is too much as in common trade, they can use this.

Downside of this option is no protection. You can promise as much as you want and say I give my epic afterwards you give me your epic.  If you don’t know the person, you are taking risk for merely 10 shields saving but it’s an option to completely trade things free.

For those who wants to sell in game content like Magic Bot shops for real money discounted price, they can set it up with this option.

Single in game currency type

Now a days, it is not uncommon to see multiple types of in game currency.  What it does is just confuse people and make game not true Free to play.  For instance, HEX has two in game currency, platinum and gold.  Latter you gain by playing, former you buy with real money.  For draft or tournament, you need platinum.  For spinning slots, we can only use gold.

For HEX defense, player can actually sell or buy cards with gold or platinum and even booster packs in the auction house.  So it is possible to convert your earned gold to platinum or other way around by going to auction house but requires at least two trasactions hence two time of 5% commission.  Again, I’m not sure what game system really gains in such situation other than making harder to convert one money to another and giving developer little money from the fee.  Other games even has three in game currency with one you obtain by playing PvP, another by campaign mode, and last by direct money purchase.  Only benefit I see here is semi-force player to play different modes, but finding  each currency relative value is simple annoyance and to me it is just a way to mask/make things harder to find out the fact in order to get $1 worth equivalent takes hours and hours of play.

So I’m truly glad that WOT has only single in game currency.  We know every items and cards how much they worth as all are represented by same measure.  We can easily calculate and say, I just made $X  worth of real money by winning tournament.  It’s an honesty system, I believe.


Basically, every imaginable scenario are covered by recently announced 3 modes of trade in WOT.  In addition, single in game currency makes this game true free to play game as what you earn by playing is the same as what you buy with real money.  Plus developer is honest here and let us see how much of time it takes to make real money equivalent in game currency, which many game tries to hide.  The game even will have a measure to minimize the risk of being cheated in unfair trade for those who may not know the value of cards being traded.  This is going to be true dTCG.




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