【Zems】How to Solve Alpha Launcher Issue

Perhaps, it may be just my computer but I have had issues lauching alpha application for Zems Online Card Game.  It’s an easy fix as long as you know what’s causing problem.  So in an event, anyone else having similar issue here it is.

Step 1: Register for Alpha (http://zems.cloudapp.net/).

Step 2: Download Windows executable file.

Step 3: Right click mouse icon and select “Run as administrator” to launch the application.

The trick here is step 3.  Whenever I don’t select Run as administrator, launcher starts and downloads patches (unfortunately it does this every time I reboot the system as if fresh) but then after 100% of content download in the bottom, you see “patcher failed” message.   Then play button is grayed out. So this should solve the problem.

Another issue I saw often is when you put in wrong password, the game will still let you log in but right upper corner, the message says log in failed sort of thing.  Basically, this prevents you from playing actual alpha despite visually looks like you logged in.  So be sure to type in your ID & Password correctly.  If you forgot, just go back to Step 1 site, and re-register.  I was able to use same user name and reset password using the same page.



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