【Warlords of Terra】Targos ~Potential of Combo Deck~

We’ve seen Tagos, Overload hero, on the alpha play video.  But today, the developer kindly gave me a chance to spoil English version of this card along with two other spoiler cards to help us understand potential type of deck we can make with him.  It’s a combo deck time!

Targos, Lord of War

Overlords - Targos EN


First let’s understand couple keywords thrown in here.

Charge: This troop can move an extra zone if it ends its movement in an enemy threat [zone].
Raze: This troop hits both the troop it fights and the troop behind it.

Now that’s taken care of, the question is what is battlecry?  It seems like that’s the core of Targos deck strategy.

So let’s take a look.


Grito de Victoria EN

Now there is a little discrepancy in wording here but we can assume Warcry = Battlecry.  With the way Targos phrasing, it is obvious the game will have more than one type of Battlecry.

Victory Warcry is rather powerful effect that can potentially lead the game to end quickly or perhaps instantaneously depending on your board situation.  Targo’s last ability support free casting of the card simply make debilitating synergy.

But wait, it’s not an end of story here.  I would not call something combo, if the synergy is not strong enough to instantly end the game.  Targos to Victory Warcry synergy alone depends strongly on what you have on the board up until that point and perhaps if you have overwhelming number of troops already on the board, these synergy just speeds up the game to finish early but not true surprise game ending move.

So here comes another spoiler.

Draco EN

Drake has a decent attack of 4, but two other things that really makes him a potential player of COMBO move. First, it has speed of 5.  So even with summoning sickness, it can reach to opponent invocation line immediately on the turn it is invocated.  Second is its “fly” ability.  He may be able to bypass many other opponent’s troop’s threat zones on its way.

Combo Time

Now we have all the pieces, here is what the potential combo looks like.

Let’s say you have accumulated 8 mana, which in this game I assume it doesn’t take too long as mana are cumulative in WOT and we can even play more than one place card per turn.  Probably the more of an earliest turn determination factor in this game is to reach 6 powers on Targos.  Without any Power boosting card, it can take up to 6 turns.

Step 1:  Cast two Drakes.

Step 2: Use Targo’s level 6 ability and cast Victory Warcry.

*Remember, in WOT hero’s ability executes during tactical phase, which comes after invocation phase.

Step 3: Move Drakes to opponent’s invocation line or just in front.

With the cast of Victory Warcry and Targos passive ability both Drakes gets +1 attacks.  Then Victory Warcry itself gives another +5 attacks.  So each drakes suddenly has 10 attack powers with Raze, which is like a crush or trample in other games so if the defender only has one troop in front, the damage still reaches opponent player.

Guess what?  Even opponent’s life is at full i.e. 20, you can potentially end the game in one turn!


One response to this post.

  1. Yes, battlecry=Warcry, we’ll have to point this out in a future. Thanks a lot Houshasen!


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