【HEX】 Core System Change

Tomorrow, we will have a patch with some main core system change in the game.

Graveyard is Now Crypt

High-Tomb-Lord_OLD High-Tomb-Lord

The graveyard is now referred to as the crypt. Cards that reference graveyard will now reference crypt. Though the name is different, the function is still the same.

Champions Now Vary in Health


In HEX previously, all Champions had 20 health. Now you’ll see a variety of Champion health totals. You’ll see totals range from 14 to 19 and 21 to 26 in this update. We’ve thoroughly tested this change and are happy with the results.

Booster Packs Give More Cards!

Packs are no longer 15 cards. We’ve added two cards to booster packs for a total of 17 cards per pack. Now, when you open packs you’ll see 1 rare or legendary, 4 uncommon, and 12 common cards. We’ve thoroughly tested this addition to packs and are happy with the results in booster draft and sealed deck.

Spectral Lotus is now Spectral Oak

For Kickstarter backer levels King Tier and higher, the Spectral Lotus Garden is now the Spectral Oak.

Spectral-Lotus-Garden Spectral-Oak

First, what hasn’t changed is how you gather your cards from your “garden.” The Spectral Oak will provide you a Spectral Acorn once a day upon log-in. The gameplay of that card has also not changed.

Spectral-Lotus Spectral-Acorn

What has changed is that the Black Tiger is replaced by the Dream Squirrel.

Black-Tiger Dream-Squirrel

Instead of creating a Black Tiger upon use, the Acorn now creates a Dream Squirrel. Now, you receive a 2/1 that creates a random rare or legendary card from one of the thresholds you control and puts that card into your hand.

We’ve also updated the King Tier Sleeve to reflect this change and now features the Spectral Oak art.


Murder Card Name Now ‘Kill’

Murder Kill

The card Murder is now named Kill. The card’s rules text has not changed.

Source: https://www.hextcg.com/core-system-changes-in-hex/

Personally, these changes are good one.  The varying health among champion simply make a lot of sense as it creates more design space.  In fact, I was wondering why HEX kept everyone equal health despite having Champion system.

The new design of spectral lotus oak looks superior to original.  The booster pack now contains 2 more uncommons? I think that’s a winning change as well especially makes draft/sealed more interesting.

Obviously, Cryptozoic does not state this officially, but all these changes are the result of settlement with Wizard.


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