【Warlords of Terra】Guaranteed Beta Pass

As you can tell how excited I am about this particular game and hate to admit, but there is a fair chance the Kickstarter of this project may not succeed.  However, even in a such event, developer now made a statement to promise at least closed beta access to those (attempted) backers.

Below is an official statement from today’s kickstarter update.

As we analysed time ago rewards and found 25€ pledge quite a bit unfair, we decided to improve their reward by also including the BETA pass.

Moreover, we have decided to thank all backers for their support. We’re being highly supported by people on social websites, some media with articles… but, further than that, here you all are investing your own money. That’s how far your faith on us goes, and that deserves a compensation.

Consequently, BETA pass will be a kept reward for backers, no matter if our KS campaign succeeds or not. If it doesn’t, just send an email to contact@m2rgames.com asking for the beta pass, and writing your backer name and amount pledged. When playable alpha (closed beta named by us) will be ready, we’ll contact you to give you access.

We’d also like to say that thing like today’s backer name (Rise of the Overlords Team) make us feel proud. Those names make us feel more motivated and hopeful about our great project. Thanks not only to them, but all of you, backers.

You all make us keep on pushing, no matter how hard things become.

Thank you very much!

Marco, CEO.

So basically what it means here is beta pass can be FREE (as long as kickstarter does not succeed) but what you have to do is select 25€ or above pledge tier. 

So if you are interested in this game and wants to try out as soon as possible, don’t forget to pledge.  If you are really hesitant to make a monetary contribution, it is always possible to cancel your pledge before the kickstarter campaign completes, which of course results in no charge.

Kickstarter Page



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