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【Chromancer】Open Beta in October

All the great dTCGs of 2013/2014 are making progress.  Chromancer will be launching open beta in October.

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【Chromancer】Radical Change in Game?

It looks the game will see some radical change.

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【Chromancer】 Slacker Backer

If you are still interested in the Chromancer but missed the kickstarter, you still have a chance.  It’s the Slacker Backer time.

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【Chromancer】 Stretch Goal for Game Changer

There are merely 12 hours left for the kickstarter, and I have no doubt that it will hit the first stretch goal, but the most interesting one is the one after.  How interesting is it?  I think it is a game changer, and perhaps one of the biggest sales point of the Chromancer. Continue reading

Chromancer has been funded.

For Indy dTCG, this was not an easy goal, but they did it! Chromancer is now officially funded with its 60k goal on the kick starter.  I think the game deserves every bit of this.  Though I could not pledge myself, I hope I was able make some contribution by covering it on my blogs.  I look forward to see the evolution and will continue cover this game in the future.

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【Chromancer】 Play Impression #2

So today, I got to play the game once again.  I love the art, the concept of the game is so unique and very intriguing to someone like myself who actually enjoy analyzing the game’s design itself as much as actually playing the dTCG.  I know last time when I played the game, it had only two very basic decks but today they added several other options.  So what is my real impression about its game play?

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【Chromancer】 Final chance to play the game & free packs/promos give a way are ongoing!

As of right now 10:30 AM PST, twitch show of the Chromancer is on going.  You can win a free pack, promo card etc. by typing in the keyword of the day.  But more importantly, you can actually sign up to play test this game.  They are adding people to the server actively right now.  So if you are questioning whether this game is for you, today is a time you can actually play and decide.

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【Chromancer】 3 more days to go

There are only 3 more days to go for the kickstarter with the funding goal of $60,000.  The target is rather high for Indy’s company dTCG but the game is already near $50,000 mark.  Although the game has its own concern (in my opinion), there are so many aspects of the game that keeps me interested in this game.  Recently, the kickstarter page had been updated which include last minute addition of new tiers and some other news.

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【Chromancer】 Cost Analysis

Nothing is perfect in this world, so there have to be some catch or drawbacks.  So what is it for Chromancer?  One is the company is Indy, so without our support no matter how great the game is, it may not take off or even if it did, without enough players, the game may not survive.  However, this is just a risk we have to take if backing up a game on kickstarter.  Therefore, I don’t consider this as a true downside of the game.  So what is it?  Well, the one thing that makes me worry is the price scheme of the game.  Let’s take a look.

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【Chromancer】 Pre-Alpha Play Impression

So I had a chance to play couple games of Chromancer, still in pre-alpha, today.  Here is a brief first impression of the game.

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