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【Faeria】New update

Faeria is not completely unique; however, it is relatively different from many others.  It got new patch, and supposedly significant enough to affect overall game play.  Remember this game is not microtransaction based i.e. you buy the game, and collect cards by progressing through the game.  The style of art in this game is quite different from some other dTCGs.  Personally, these arts remind me Miyazaki’s art style for some reason, and certainly that is a positive thing.

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【Faeria】Free 10 day trial

Faeria now has timed exclusive (Jan 3 to 5) to allow free 10 days trial play.  If you are interested, you can buy the game for $20 and get another free access i.e. if you can find a friend each of you can get the game actually for $10.

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【Faeria】 Kickstarter Project

The 3 main dTCG of 2013 are undoubtly HEX, Solforge and Hearthstone because of the companies who are making them, but that does not mean there are other dTCG/dCCG that are as good or perhaps better.  Currently, a kickstarter has a game called “Faeria.”  This may be interest to some of you.  As with some other dTCG that I have covered here in the past, this game also have its own unique elements and worth an attention.

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