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【HEX】Set 2 Released date and release event revealed

The long past due set 2 for HEX now has the official release date with release event.

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【HEX】 Unlimited player constructed tournament….

Yesterday, Cryptozoic attempted to hold a constructed tournament that has no limit for number of players.  It was free for entry, prizes were there, and also had a chance to play against development team, in which case, you had bonus prizes.  How did it go?

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【HEX】 Major Organized Play by HEXTCGPRO

It’s the strength of the game when there is huge player population and/or the population include active/experienced players.  Despite its being alpha, HEX already seem to have the both.  Although there had been some organized plays in the past already, this one seemed to be one of the biggest one to the date, and hosted by HEXTCGPRO.  It’s a monthly tournament with final round in June for those qualify.  There are prizes and its free to participate.

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【HEX】DragonCon 2013 More Card Spoilers

These are all from the slide on Hex Vault.  I basically zoomed in and did screen capture on those cards that have not previously been revealed (as far as I know).  There are basically 11 cards here.  *Supposedly, 3 of these had already been revealed in the past.  So technically, 8 new cards (including token).

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【HEX】 Gen Con with Prizes

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the Gen Con but for those who can, not only you will get play HEX but also can win prizes with merely $10 weekend pass.

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