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【HEX】 Deck Classification ~Aggro Archetype~

As with other games, here are classification of deck types in HEX.  Let’s start with Aggro Archetype.

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【HEX099】 Races speak the potential

When I look at new TCG, I tend to get most excited with its potential as a game.  How is it going to grow?  What kind of new mechanics does it have?  The most exciting part for me is to the potential in the game.  If the game has relatively few basic game mechanics in the core of the game, I have hard time imagining much radical change or evolution in the game.  So how does HEX look so far?  Instead of looking at the different game mechanics, let’s take a look at races today.

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【HEX】 HEX099: What’s PvE and PvP?

HEX is a massive multiplayer online + digital trading card game, which is easy to say.  But this is actually a whole set of new environment.  Perhaps not an optimal analogy but I may even say HEX is like new gaming system.  Within the HEX, you have multiple ways of playing a game.  Since the actual game is not out yet, I’d rather not call these as 101 but rather more like pre-requisite courses.  Let’s understand PvE and PvP first.

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