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【HEX】Shattered Destiny

Set 2 is on its way.  We all knew that?  Well, it is really on its way.  In fact, they have actually announced when its coming!

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【HEX】 New mechanics ~ Replica ~

What excites me more than anything else when comes to dTCG update is the new mechanics.  It is just so fun to imagine and dream the potential of the game when new mechanics are introduced.  With so many cards that had already been revealed for Set.1, I did not expect much when comes to  new mechanics in this set despite they are still spoiling handful cards with each update.  Cryptozoic proved me that I was wrong.  Among the all things, the most exciting part of the recent patch for me is indeed this new concept of “replica”.

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【HEX】 Why resource screw?

This is probably the life time question in the golden standard of TCG, Magic the Gathering (MtG).  Cryptozoic decided to use the resource system that is just like Magic rather than its World of Warcraft style system where mana screw was nearly completely eliminated.  According to one of the interview, Cryptozoic spent 8 months to carefully decide what resource system should be used on the HEX.   So why?  Why did they make a decision that almost appears to be counter intuitive? I.e. They have fixed mana screw but now going back to reintroduce mana screw.  Before reading this article, I will tell you my conclusion here (so you won’t waste your time).  There is no right answer.

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【HEX】 Resource system decision explained by Cory Jones

I’ve seen as many compliments as a complaints regarding to the choice of resource system HEX is using.  It looks like the concern mainly coming from the WOW TCG players.  Personally, I have not played WOW TCG but someone told me it is similar to Carte, which I loved its resource system.  So if I have to take one side, I am one of those people who wondered why HEX did not use resource system like in WOW or perhaps Shadow Era, which is primarily based on WOW TCG.  Here is an explanation by Cory Jones from the recent Pod Cast by the The Geek Allstars.

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【HEX】 Mechanics Analysis: Resource System

Those of you who is frequent visitor to this blog by now should have figured out that I enjoy analyzing/dissecting the game mechanics as much as the TCG itself.  To me the mechanics of the game itself speaks the potential what the game is capable of in the future.  So in next few days, I will try to look into each of the HEX game mechanics, and hopefully for those who have never played TCG that is as sophisticated as HEX, these series will provide some basic understanding.  In this first of the series, let’s take a look at HEX’s resource system

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