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【HEX】 Wizard of the Coast sues Cryptozoic/HEX

From the day 1, several players in the community suggested the similarity between the HEX and the gold standard of the TCG, Magic the Gathering.  Apparently, the similarity was enough to catch the wizard of the coast eyes, and they have filed a lawsuit in United States against the HEX/Cryptozoic.

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【HEX】Mercenaries will be tradable!

I don’t know how I missed this news, but this was from the Cory Jones, CEO of Cryptozoic, first blog post on his own blog.

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2 dTCGs are ranked #14 & #15 on the most anticipated F2P game of 2014

Two dTCG have been ranked as #14 and #15 of the most anticipated F2P(Free 2 play) MMO of 2014 by MMOHuts.

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【HEX】Prep Phase will be back

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【HEX】This weeks patch ~ Bad & Good News ~

So it’s a Thursday.  The day of HEX weekly update.  There is a good news and bad news this week.

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【HEX】Ranked #4 in The Most Wanted Indie MMO of 2014

HEX seems to continue receive attention especially among the hardcore gamers.  It is now ranked #4 most wanted indies MMORPG on the recently published article.

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【HEX】 Full Refund

HEX is fun.  It had the most successful dTCG funding on the kickstarter by far.  However, the direction Cryptozoic appears to be going right now may appear slightly different from some of players originally believed to be the strength of this game.  If you are one of those, and truly feeling like the game is not providing what you originally believed in, Cryptozoic understands that, and will give us the full refund.

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【HEX】New Patch, New Card, Another Controversial Update….

Here comes the weekly update.  It seems like every week so far we have been seeing new card added to the game, which is great.  This update is no exception, and in fact several of cards have interesting mechanics including some that we have never seen before.  However, the update also included another huge controversial change.

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【HEX】What’s on the sleeve?

Nothing was really spoiled here, but I actually trust HEX TCG Pro site more than any other HEX site when it comes to accuracy of strategy.  That to me seems like these are trustworthy guys.  In any event, HEX Pro just posted an article about their experience of visiting Cryptozoic office recently.

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【HEX】Alpha is on track, and plan detailed.

Good news.  The alpha is still on its track.

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