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【HEX】 Dragon Con PvE Panel & Chris Woods Interview

Those of you who had been wating for PvE side of HEX information spoiler, they are here finally.  HEXVault have Design Panel recording from the DragonCon 2013 as well as short interview with Chris Woods, AI designer/PvE lead system designer, afterwards.
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【HEX】New article is up on official site! Let’s talk about more PvE.

For some reason the link is not shown at the top page, but you can jump from the Kickstarter post.

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【HEX】 PvE is a real game!

There have been a lot of questions related to PvE side of the game.  As most people know how TCG works, once examples of cards are shown pretty much most of us came to quick conclusion that this game will have depth of what hardcore TCG players call “the real” TCG.  But campaign mode using TCG is not something we see often, and if one claims it got quest/campaign, they are usually simplistic narration screen followed by repetitive AI duel.  So let’s take a look at whether HEX is just another of those or something else.

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