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【HEX】Set 2 Released date and release event revealed

The long past due set 2 for HEX now has the official release date with release event.

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【HEX】Quick Action or Troop? 1 cost Counter Magic

Here is the set 2 card spoiler.  This card is rather interesting from the card design/mechanics point of view.

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【HEX】Set 2 Spoiler ~ Sim City Time? ~

I had always wondered what if we have ability to build city or castle in TCG game.  Well, HEX got the answer for me.

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【HEX】 Set 2 Spoiler ~ Slave ~

As the August i.e. the release of Set.2, Shattered Destiny, approaches Cryptozoic continues to preview some of the upcoming cards from the set.

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【HEX】 Set 2. Spoiler ~ Charge Power to Next Level ~

More parameters in the game, more potential for the game to utilize them as a new dedicated mechanics.  HEX has a charge power for champion’s, and not surprisingly they are taking this mechanics to the next level already in the upcoming set.

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【HEX】 Set 2. Spoiler ~ Will Cycle ~

One of the main thing I love about dTCG/dCCG is constant refreshment with addition of new cards/mechanics.  Many games does the spoiler couple months before the new set release. Personally, I prefer them spoiling more earlier with smaller pieces.  I know we cannot use them yet, but it just keep our mind fresh, and excitement going.

The best model that I have seen is perhaps ones with Infinity Wars.  In any event, I don’t think HEX will be releasing Set.2 anytime soon but here is already a spoiler from the set.  Although it’s just one card, it is part of a cycle i.e. each shard will have their equivalent, so we can guess what they gonna be based on the theme of each shard.

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【HEX】 All Set 1 PvP Cards are now revealed!

First of all, alpha test has not started yet.  Supposedly, invitation will be sent at 6:30PM today for those who donated Grand King and above during the kickstarter ($500).  Even those of you who are still not getting the access today, all the cards are now revealed (for PvP) and yours to download and carry around anywhere in a format of PDF.

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【HEX】Revolution of the Mill Deck!

If you are long time follower of this blog, you know I like deck classifications.  More deck type the game supports, more variety we will see while we actually play the game.  It appears to be a general tendency that early stage of dTCG focuses more on the Aggro Archetype support, and some control archetype but rarely much of the combo.  Combo archetype are fun, but without a good balance it can be a balance breaker.   We have already seen a support for the alt-win deck type, but today we got another card for such strategy.  Today, this card will change the Mill deck type.  It now becomes a real winning strategy/deck.

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【HEX】Spoiler Rush *Updated

HEX alpha is certainly coming.  Several fan sites had received 2 card pictures for exclusive spoiler on their site.  Here are three so far, and I am sure HexVault will have one more near future, and HEXRealm has 2.  One of which I reviewed myself and the post is ready to be published whenever the admin decides to.

*Updated: More cards are spoiled by couple other sites.

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【HEX】DragonCon 2013 More Card Spoilers

These are all from the slide on Hex Vault.  I basically zoomed in and did screen capture on those cards that have not previously been revealed (as far as I know).  There are basically 11 cards here.  *Supposedly, 3 of these had already been revealed in the past.  So technically, 8 new cards (including token).

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