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【HEX】Dragon Con Card Spoilers

Just as in GenCon, I cannot attend them but there are always some they can.  Great thing about it, someone will always spoil what they see on the covention.  This time on the official forum user name “hacky and Ugamachi” were kind enough to spoil several of previously never seen cards..  To be precise, one for each shard of 5 total new spoilers!!

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【HEX】 Another Shin’Hare “Blood Bearer” is spoiled.

Uzume’s ability looks great especially for “card spoiler.”  Great HEX community members continue to spoil never seen Shin’hares created randomly by the Uzume’s ability.  Here is the third card.

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【HEX】 2 new Shin’hares are spoiled.

I love GenCon despite myself not being able to attend it. The reason is because we get extra spoiler.  Today on the official forum “infam0usne0” kindly shared couple pictures of previously not revealed Shin’hares.   Continue reading

【HEX】 Cost Deck ~ First set 2 card preview ~

GenCon 2013 looks like is definitely going.  At the HEX vault site, the very first set 2 card has been revealed.  It’s a dragon.  it’s a set.  But the most interesting part (to me) is its effect.  This card opens up a new potential deck type that we may have not ever seen in a traditional TCG.

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【HEX】2 more PvP Card Spoiler from pcgamesn

It’s just mid week, and still couple days before THE FRIDAY.  It looks like we get extra spoiler this week without waiting until the Friday.

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