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【Infinity Wars】 Rise Preview Video

Rise is the first expansion of the Infinity Wars.  New expansion is always exciting on the TCG, but this is particularly interesting because there are many relatively new concepts are introduced here. Basically, this 12 minutes long video reveals card after another with concise explanations of each card what they are capable of.  If you were not interested in Infinity Wars before, I won’t be surprised if this video changes your mind.

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[Infinity Wars] Interview @GDC

Here is a video clip of about 6 minutes interview during GDC 2013.  Invitation beta should be starting soon, so those of you who are still waiting for the access to this game, here is something to watch.

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[Infinity Wars] Infinity Wars Movie

For those of you who have not had enough Infinity Wars especially ones who are not on current beta, and like to watch more.  Here is the Infinity Wars Movie!

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