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[Infinity Wars] Can we play Sim City? Maybe!

Summary: Technically, this is another wishmour i.e. my personal wish.  I have put this idea to official forum, and to my surprise I received a reply from the official developer team member.  No guarantee  but at least they are looking at it and if enough people shows interest this may actually be implemented in the future expansion.

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[Infinity Wars] Wishmour: Burst, Instant, Trap – Intercept Play –

By now, I am sure you have all figured out that my current top TCG is “Infinity Wars.”  The game is much deeper than pretty much any other TCG on mobile dedicated platform.  However, when it is compared to goldstandard like Magic the Gathering or desktop dedicated TCGs like Carte, there are still missing pieces (in my opinion of course).  In this article, I am focusing on one of the aspect that I truly wish to have the game implemented.  I have already touched this subject on other article, but decided to make a dedicated one as I truly believe this is important concept.

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[Infinity Wars] ~Gundam, Evangelion for Robot-philes~

Summary: Not only Infinity Wars provide various deck types, but one of the strength is the way its background is set up i.e. multi-universe setting.  It is because of this, Infinity Wars can have anything they want.  You can never imagine Magic actually having a robot!  

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[Infinity Wars] ~ Burn Deck Support is Here ~

Summary: Not too long ago, I have written an post regarding to how well Infinity Wars support Aggro Archetype category decks.  One of the missing piece was “Burn deck type.”  Well that didn’t take too long.  The latest alpha patch shows at least one card that clearly shows potential of this deck type support.  So let’s take a look at the world first spoiler of the card.

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[Infinity Wars] ~ Potential for Control Archetype Players ~

Summary: So in the previous post, I have discussed about how well aggro archetype is/will be covered in the Infinity Wars.  Now let’s look at control archetype.

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[Infinity Wars] – Resource –

Summary: In the game of TCG, mana/resource are critical part of the game.  Different TCG  uses different mechanics.  So how does Infinity Wars do?

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