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Carte ~ Leveling Up Heroes ~

Summary: Carte is fairly new digital trading card game (dTCG).  Especially in US, it has just been released earlier this month after the beta testing.  So we will certainly continue to see the game evolve with not only addition of the new cards, but with its game mechanics.  One feature they are planning to launch with next update in April is already raising some controversy.  The feature is leveling up your heroes.

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Carte ~How much?~

Summary: It’s a great game.  The game mechanics and first 10 hours experience in any TCG that I have played so far, I will put Carte on the top.  But the biggest concern over this game is its price.  No dTCG (digital trading card game) should be more expensive than the Magic the Gathering Online.  So let’s analyze.

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Carte ~First Impression~

Summary: This is not related to Shadow Era.  This is yet another digital TCG that I just recently found.  The game has relatively high similarity to Shadow Era with its own pros and cons.  But overall the game seems really good and definitely thought worth mentioning so people who have similar interest as myself can at least try and see your own.  The game is officially launched in US about one week ago.

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