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Elemental Monster 101 ~Element~

Summary: As the name of the game uses “element”, it is indeed one of the most important concept in this game.  So in this second of the series, I will discuss about what role the element plays in Elemental Monster Online Card Game.

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Elemental Monster Release Date

Summary: If there is a major thing that makes Elemental Monster for sure better than the EOJ is their administrative.  One of the designer has twitter account and answers many of the users questions plus even asks how to improve the game.  So one question that I asked was when it it release out side of Japan.  Surely he replied me back.

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Elemental Monster 101 ~Card~

Summary: Yet to be announced for the actual date of the game release outside of Japan, but surely the game will be here or there.  For those of you who can’t wait for the game to be released, I will give you some head start oppotunity by explaining how the game works.  So you can start thinking about your decks.  In the first of the series, the most basic of the game i.e. card attributes will be discussed.

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