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【HEX】 Gold Appreciation

The value of in game currency in HEX, called Gold, has changed substantially.  So what is current conversion rate of platinum to gold in HEX?

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The End of PS3 EOJ

Sadly, it looks like EOJ PS3 server support is over.  There is no information on Japanese EOJ site; however, it has not been updated since 4/2010.  So not a surprise.

Following is the link sent by Slarth

EOJ PSP is still there, but who knows how long it will last for.

EOJ Legend Make your own card?

Summary:  Undoubtly, it looks like EU is the hottest spot for EOJ.  I don’t know if this is official or simply attempt of European SCE trying just see what happens deal, but they are requesting making your own unique EOJ card, and sounds like planning to submit to Watanabe (SCEJ EOJ director).  Thanks for the info Slarth. And if this gets popular who knows even if Watanabe doesn’t know anything about this yet, this will surprise him and the game goes on.

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How to unlock 4 Saints, Vizak, and Guest Characters

Summary: Have beaten the story?  Yet haven’t seen the Saints?  Here is how you unlock Saints.

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Lizard Magus

Summary: Finally a magic attacking creature in Lizard deck.

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Seer Vizak

Summary: Most of you may already know about this card, but this week was the first official reveal of this card on Japanese EOJ site, and the card is just amazing.  So I have decided to translate this.  Mainly for the purpose of discussion about this card.

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Queen of Black Forest

Summary: It looks like all 342 cards are now revealed.  Here is the first of 5 cards included in the last (3rd expansion) pack.

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Mesmer the Summoner

Summary:  Finally, the Spell deck is a possibility?

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Magic Shield

Summary: Here is the last of 5 first expansion.

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Child of Okunada

Summary: Second Child creature.

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