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Mesmer’s Envoy vs. Mesmer’s Errand

Summary: In the Set.2 several new methods of drawing cards has been introduded. Some uses the draw cards as means to restore your hand so that you have more selections to choose from. However, with Set.2 I can see that some want to use the draw cards to draw specific target card(s). In this entry, I used statistical analysis to compare Mesmer’s Envoy from Set.2 to the Mesmer’s Errand from Set.1 to decide which spell is the better draw card, mainly for the purpose of drawing specific target card.

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Applied Statistics ~ Draw Cards ~ *Updated

Summary: In this new series, I have used mathematical/statistical analysis to each concept of EOJ. Don’t worry. This is not math class, I will explain how to apply the result of the math in the game of Eye of Judgment. First in this series is the simplest, yet very important concept “Draw Card.”

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