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Asahara’s Top 10 Set.2 Cards 1 to 5

Summary: Here are Top 5 Set.2 cards by Asahara.

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Asahara’s Top 10 Set.2 Cards (6 to 10)

Summary: In this entry, I have translated the 4/16 edition of Asahara’s article “SET.2 Personal Top 10.” In this first of two translation, I have translated #6 to #10.

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Card Review Translated from Guidebook 111-113

Summary: Whether there is demand for this or not is still questionable, but I have still decided to translate the first three Set.2 cards’ Review from the Japanese Official Handbook.   If nothing else, you get to see a  concept art of Flame Novice. Continue reading

Deep into the Description ~ Zolda  and Colwo ~


Summary: As most of world anticipating the Set.2 release in 4 days, Japanese EOJ Connection’s major strategy writer Asahara recently posted article about basic strategy of using 5 theme decks in the Set.2. Some interesting fact about Zolda and Colwo were mentioned.

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Admiral Belta ~ The King of Warlords ~

Summary: In this blog entry series, I will spotlight a specific card or combination of cards from either current or future expansions. In this first of the series, I have picked “Admiral Belta”, which is one of the best Warlord in the Set.2. (I think) Continue reading