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【HEX】 Gold Appreciation

The value of in game currency in HEX, called Gold, has changed substantially.  So what is current conversion rate of platinum to gold in HEX?

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Why Sony Why?

Summary: So there are 6 new cards out of 30 cards from PSP Legend are revealed so far.  My biggest question still remains…

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What’s the trend? ~ Set.3 2 weeks post release ~

Summary: So it has been almost two weeks since the official release of Set.3 in Japan and EU.   Reading at Japanese forum site, it seems like some sort of trend start to appear in the game.
[Thanks to Real Gamber for idea of writing this article]

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Share us the secret combo of yours

Summary: It seems like the possiblitiy is endless now with the addition of Set.3 cards.  I know that those of you who already own Set.3 cards  have special secret combos.  Perhaps, you won’t like to share the best combo you came up with yet, but what about the second best? 

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Set.3 is out. So what’s missing?

Summary:  Overall reaction to the game is nothing but excellent.  People seem to confirm the game balance has greatly been restored.  So what is missing in the game?

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What’s your booster pulls?

Summary: Per the suggestion by Fongy, I am asking everyone what was your booster pulls?  I hope I can post my pull here, but I don’t have my booster boxes yet.  So tell me about what you all have got.  I hope as in Japan, one booster box gurantees 5-7 Ultrares.  

Followings are information regarding to Set.3 Booster Packs


1. Ultra rare card odds approx 1:48 cards (Compare to Set.1 1:60, Set.2 1:70)

2. People reporting packs with multiple rares.

3. Box assortment as in Set.1 & Set.2 i.e. the Same sets of URs in two boxes have already been identified.


So how long is right for you?

Summary:  So it’s less than 24 hours away before we get the long waited Set.3 information.  Sure it seemed a long time for me.  In fact it was long enough to get me lose some of interest in the game.  Do you feel the same way?  How long do you think is a good time between the Sets?

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Set.2 Promo Cards: What are you going to do with them?

So I am one of the lucky 1000 people living in the North America and received the Set.2 Promotional Cards.  My original intention of applying for these cards were to help complete my Set since I did not own General Lug.  Now just for curiosity, I have just checked Ebay to see how much these promo are selling for.  The prices were surprisingly more than I thought, ranging $60-$170.  So what are you going to do with your Set.2 promo?

A. I’m keeping them for true complete set (including all promo cards).

B. I’m keeping them to see if the value goes up.

C. I’m keeping them for my playable collection.

D. I’m trading them with other EOJ cards

E. I’m selling them

F. I’m eating them

My current choice is B or D.  I’m still missing a few Set.2 URs and need 1 UR from Set.1.  Since I don’t have any Set.1 promo, my goal is rather to complete playable collection (exclude promo) than true complete set (includes promo).  If I could get all URs I need for my 3 promo, I think that would be my top choice.

What’s yours?

Share your imagination.

Summary: This blog entry is created just for fun. Nothing here is official. As the title of this entry says share me your imagination. “Whad do you like to see in the future expansion or patch?”

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Did Missionary Deck Ruin EOJ? Gamespot Japan replies.

Summary: Tired for this yet? Apparently, that is not the case among Japanese EOJ Community. One person posted on the Gamespot Japan forum that he thinks Missionary cards are ruining the game. Rather than other random visitors of the forum replied back, Gamespot Japan employee, Mr. Oouchi, surprisingly replied back to this post with detailed explanation of his own. Here is the translation of what Mr. Oouchi said.

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