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Two Magic CCG on the way for PS3

Summary: So still no new information about PSP version of EOJ.  However, it looks like Magic the Gathering will be coming to PS3 in 2010.  Not just one but two games.

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New PS3 TCG?

Summary: It may not be actual TCG, but today Sony Online Entertainment announced a release of new 3D tactic game based on the most popular trading card game.

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Elemental Monsters?

Summary: Not to falsely excite anyone, but apparently three of the creatures from EOJ decided to participate on the PSP game called, Elemental Monsters.

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Sony’s New TCG

Summary: No. It’s not EOJ 2, but it’s from Sony so should we accept this as new TCG game for PS3?  

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Dioskuri Tournament

Summary: Looks like SCEA is still alive when it comes to EOJ.   Here is finally the official Sony hosted complete EOJ tournament.  Oh by the way, I am alive as well…

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EOJ Calendar

Japanese PSN now sells EOJ Calendar for 2009.

This is theme background based calendar for your PS3.  For entire 2009, it costs 500yen (approximately US$5).  Alternatively you can buy one of 6 individual calendar theme e.g) Jan/Feb, March/April etc.  These individual ones are selling for 100yen each.

Sure this doesn’t seem much exciting news, but at least we are still seeing something new for EOJ, which I believe is good sign.


Complete Set has been cancelled.

Summary:  The message that Watanabe-san posted on the Japanese EOJ official site is in fact on the page where it titled as “Notification of Complete Disc Cancellation.”

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End of Biolith Rebelion

Summary: As most of you have already read this on one of other EOJ Official Community Site, but EOJ Creator Yusuke Watanabe has recently sent us an EMail.  Well actually SCEA Manager did.  But following is what Watanabe-san Said.

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Why delay? What’s the future of EOJ?

Summary: Secondary to the recent announcement from Upper Deck that the North American Set.3 shipment has been delayed to mid-December, EOJ community has appeared to became increasingly anxious, in particular, with the future of Eye Of Judgment.  As many big EOJ Official Community Site has done this already, I have tried this myself as well and here is the response from SCEA Marketing Manager, Chuck.

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Sign of EOJ Popularity? ~ Non-Glare Card Protector ~

Summary: I believe this has been out for a while in the EU and NA, but Japan has recently received this new UltraPro Card Protector called Non-Glare Deck Protector.  The interesting this about this is that its description mentions about Eye of Judgment.

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