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The End of PS3 EOJ

Sadly, it looks like EOJ PS3 server support is over.  There is no information on Japanese EOJ site; however, it has not been updated since 4/2010.  So not a surprise.

Following is the link sent by Slarth

EOJ PSP is still there, but who knows how long it will last for.


Eye of Judgment Manager World Cup

Summary:  Aren’t we glad that we have active communities to carry on this great game?  EOJ Manager is holding World Tournament.

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Time to Play EOJ Offline

Summary: Changing the distributor from WoC to UpperDeck appeared to have done nothing.  Well, I guess I was wrong.  It seems like UpperDeck is placing a bit more attention to the EOJ than WoC.  Upper Deck Japan’s official site now has what’s called “Analog Rulebook.”

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Rumor: Complete Disc coming out in End of January 09?

Summary: This is nothing but a rumor that the Japanese people are currently discussing, but what was originally believed to be the 2008 release, the complete Set.1-Set.3 disc of Eye of Judgment won’t hit until January 2009.  So why do people believe this?

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Upper Deck Replies. Sadly release date is confirmed.

Summary: Not much here, but following two sentences are the Email I received from Upper Deck.  The official North America release is sadly confirmed December 12th.

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Rumor: North America Release delayed again???

On official EOJ forum from Sony, there was a following post.

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Clair Wil the Valiant

Summary: Key card for Uni-elemental deck is here!!

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Set.3 Patch is now on sell

Summary: Following is Email that I  have received from SCEA Manager, Chuck.  So even for North American EOJ fans get to buy and download Set.3 patch now.

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All 101 Set.3 Cards are revealed.

Summary: Thanks to Matthew for actual English description of Set.3 Phantoms.  You can check all 101 cards from Set.3 by clicking on the following link.  Card Library Set.3  At this point, please disregard Set.3 cards description that I have previously translated in other posts unless I have actual English Cards on it.

Triumphant Return Scion

Summary: Here is the stat of the new Scion.

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