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EOJ Patch 2.01 coming on May 28th!!

Summary: Finally the imbalanced game play due to the introduction of Missionaries will be patched.  The long waited EOJ Patch 2.01 is now officially dated.

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Confirmed for Set.2 Download Today + Surprise Tomorrow

Summary: PlayStation Blog has confirmed that we will be receiving the Set.2 Download with today’s PSN update. Continue reading

Set.2 Theme Deck Preview from Official Blog

Summary: U.S. Official EOJ Blog has an update today.  The update talks about the Set.2 theme decks.  Apparently, Set.2 theme deck companion guides contains a bit more information than the ones from Set.1.

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Set.2 Releasing Date Confirmed

As a memeber of Official EOJ Community, we have received a Email from Sony reporting official release date of the Set.2 in U.S. is now confirmed as April 28th and corresponding DLC is 25th.

Unfortunately, this seems a much later than many of us anticipated.. 😦

2 Creatures: Shrine of Mourning & Reaper’s Golem

Summary: Here are two more creatures.  That I have never posted before. Continue reading

Sailor of Siam & Water Missionary

Summary: 2 More Cards.

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Japanese Promotional Cards

Summary: Not surprisingly, promotional EOJ card appears to be the exactly same whether it’s in the US or in Japan.  Here are ways to get 3 Japanese Set.2 promotional cards.

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Elven Guidepost

Summary: Another Spell Card.

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3 More Creatures including Wood Missionary

Summary: Here are 3 more cards from Set.2 including Ninja equivalent of Set.2, a missionary creature.

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Morning Star’s Cousin & Flame Guard’s Son

Summary: 2 New Cards.  Although I have not seen their pictures, based on their names I speculate both are simple variation of Set.1 cards: Morning Star and Partmole Flame Guard.

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