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Sample Deck ~ Silver Bullet Deck ~

Summary: Personally this card was one of the most eye catching card in Set.3 for me because of its ability.  At first, I even thought my translation could have been wrong.  However, in reality several readers on this blog reported this card was much harder to use than expected.  Obviously, I live in North America and still do not have Set.3 card, so can’t say for sure, but once again Asahara done this for me.  He posted yet another conceptually interesting sample deck that uses “Missionary Ship” as a key card.

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Sample Deck ~ Perfect Dodge Deck ~

Summary: Here is another sample deck from EOJ Connection.  Similar to the previous sample deck, Invisibility Lock deck, this deck is defensive type deck.

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Sample Deck ~ Invisibility Lock Deck ~

Summary: It’s been a while since Asahara posted sample deck.  In fact, this is his first sample deck with Set.3 cards in it.  The key to understand Asahara’s deck is that none of them are perfect, but gives a idea to start for those of you who have no clue.  More importantly, personally, his sample decks gives trend of concepts that are currently in use.

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Sample Deck ~ Aggro Deck ~

Summary: This sample deck is translated from Asahara’s EOJ Connection article. In this sample deck, Asahara focused on the Attack Power of creatures rather than race, affiliation, element or other specific abilities.

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Sample Deck ~ Missionary Deck ~ GSJ Edition

Summary: This will be the last sample Missionary deck I would be translating since they are the part of erratus with the upcoming 02.01 update. This sample deck is from Gamespot Japan. Although I personally do not use Missionary deck, this one appears to be better than that of the Asahara’s.

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Sample Deck ~ Lizard Deck ~

Summary: Here is another race based sample deck from Asahara.

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Sample Deck ~ Set.2 Winny Deck ~

Summary: In this blog entry, I have translated EOJ Connection’s article, which talked about the sample Set.2 Winny deck.

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Sample Deck ~ Missionary Deck ~

Summary: Understanding Missionary deck is a very controversial topic with many people believing it as balance breaking deck, I have still decided to translate a sample Missionary deck from Dengeki Playstation. Continue reading

Sample Deck ~ Dwarf Deck ~

旗持ちドワーフSummary: Yet another sample deck from EOJ Connection. Set.2 will not only allow uni-elemental/uni-color deck, but this example illustrates a new type of deck, called Race deck.

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Sample Deck ~ Decorrection Deck ~

Summary: As usual, the source of this sample deck is from EOJ Connection by Asahara. This is concept focused deck, which we all are familer with from Set.1.  The focused concept here is Decoy and Ressurection, hense I call “Decorrection”. Both are new abilities introduced from the Set.2 and appears to work well in conjunction.  Also in this entry, a little interesting fact about Decoy ability is also discussed.

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