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【Forgotten Myths】Deep Into Mechanics ~ Resource System ~

Clearly, this game caught enough attention of mine.  As I visit their forum, I have noticed very recently that they have just modified their resource system to avoid infamous “mana screw.”  This is type of things I love to talk about as analyzing TCG game’s design/mechanics is something I truly enjoy.  So let’s take a bit more closer look at this.

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【Forgotten Myths】 Full Q&A with developer

Here is full copy & paste from the email I received from the developer regarding to several of my quick questions related to this game.

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【Forgotten Myths】 First Impression Review

It’s been a while since I posted about this game.  Couple reason for this.  One I really did not have much time to try this out.  Two I gave up on this game couple times (reason to follow), yet came back as I thought this game needed some fair review.

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【Forgotten Myths】 Multiplatform CCG/dTCG

I was asked to review a digital CCG called Forgotten Myths by Anchora Games i.e. the creator of the game.   I cannot say anything about this game yet.  Because I haven’t really played the game.  But just briefly looking at the description of the game, and graphics of it, I thought it is worth mentioning on my blog as some of you who are anxiously waiting for HEX could potentially kill some time with this game.

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