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【Labryrinth CCG】Funded!

Congratulations to Free Range Games.  The game has been funded for its relatively high target goal $150,000.

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【Labyrinth CCG】 Kickstarter Pledge ~Take a caution~

I have finally got a little chance to read about this game.  This game has a quite interesting approach and perhaps some potential, but I do also see a few shortcomings.  So let me share what I have found out so far about this game.

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【Kickstarter】Labryinth Collectible Card RPG

I have not yet had a chance to do a bit deep research about this project, and there are only 6 more days to go, and not even sure if I will have time to dig in by the end of kickstarter.  So rather than giving my opinion here, just check the game out yourself!

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