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Call of the Crystals ~ New Human Armors ~

Summary: Though at this point everyone can see them on the official app, just for the completeness sake here are the last 10 cards that were added to the final version of the Set.1.

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Version 1.5 text change ~ Damage Types ~

Summary: The version 1.5 not only completes missing set 1 cards, adjusted card balances, but also made several text changes that do not seem to affect current game play.  So why did they do this?  One reason is to make the text more clear, but other is to prepare for the future expansion.  Let’s talk about Damage types today.

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SE Crystal 1.5 ~ Neutral Abilities ~

Summary: New neutral abilities are here.

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Shadow Era Crystal Preview Version 1.5 ~ Shadow Ally ~

Here are four new Shadow Allies.

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SE Crystals Version 1.5 ~ New Human Ally ~

Summary: On the test server, all the Set.1 cards are now available with (supposedly) finalized attributes and texts.  For those of you who can only access Shadow Era from mobile device or decided not to go to test server, I have listed new cards that are not currently included in the official release.  Let’s start with 4 new Human Ally.

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