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【SE Sample Deck】Portal Nishaven

Despite him being the main character of the Shadow Era, it is still the hardest one to be competitive at least among the Mage.  This deck is made by the most famous and probably the best Shadow Era Guild A1 Alliance’s leader himself.

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【SE/Sample Deck】 Brutal Is Control

Over 2000 views at the official forum.  Competitive sample deck of the Gravebone.  Tricky deck to use, but interesting.

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First Unofficial Shadow Era Japan Cup Result

Summary: Shadow Era has not been localized to Japanese market yet.  The population of the Japanese Shadow Era players are extremely small.  However, there are still fans.  Apparently, there was an unofficial Japanese Shadow Era Championship end of February. Why am I writing about this?  Well they have posted top 3 decks with full content.

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