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【HEX】Online Card collection and Deck Synching

One of the benefit of being a game with strong community support allows some of nice handy tools although I would still prefer official support through the developer themselves.  This has been out for awhile but I had finally had a chance to use it, and plan to continue using in the future.  It is a tool that sync one of the major HEX card database website (HEXTCGBrowser) with our own HEX ingame account collection.

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[SE Tool] Google Doc Card List

Summary: Official site has finally updated the card list to 1.5 version.  Though it is planned, they still do not have filtering function.  So for temporary purpose, I have created filterable card list using Google Doc.

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[SE Tools]Deck Analyzer

Summary: Very basic Shadow Era deck analyzer sheet.

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[Tool] A card draw probability analyzer

Summary: No detail statistics here, but simply providing a table and a excel sheet to automatically compute probability of drawing at least one card in your hand by X draw.

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