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SE Wishmour ~More Resource Cards~

Summary: I just cannot stop thinking about how great the concept of resource cards would be in the game of Shadow Era.  Sure it is not my own original idea (as I was inspired by Carte), but it’s such a great concept.  I really hope we see something similar to this concept in the future expansions of Shadow Era.

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SE Wishmour ~ Resource cards ~

Summary: Past a few days, I have been primarily playing Carte TCG.  The game play is great and as of the current state of Shadow Era (Set.1), I personally prefer the complexity of Carte over the simplicity of Shadow Era.  Having said this, Shadow Era is evolving state.  One thing I particularly like about Carte is “Shard cards.”  I think this concept blends well in the Shadow Era.  And perhaps they can even take a step beyond.  Here is what I wish to happen.

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Wishmor ~ Multiplayer or multi-heros? ~

Summary: As you have figured out at this point, English is not my native language yet I have just created a new English term “Wishmor.”  It means Wish and Rumor combined.  People make rumor because they want something.  As I have now completed all the previews of new cards to be added by version 1.5, I am now writing this new series.

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