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【Solforge】Now on Android

One of the 2013 big 3 dTCG/dCCG is now on the Android.  Solforge put itself ahead of other two by covering both iOS and Android mobile platform.

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【Solforge】Legendary Sales

One of the big 3 dTCG of the 2014 is having a huge sales until the end of the month.

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【Solforge】 $1/booster pack. On Steam

This is the year of dTCG.  There are many high quality dTCG releasing/prerelease  this year.  Among the all, three of the biggest names are HEX, Solforge and Hearthstone.  I have not covered Solforge for a while, and there is a reason.  It just is not my personal taste (for now).  But now with the current pricing scheme, I am started to become a bit more tempted to give another try to the game.

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[Solforge] PC Beta Coming Soon

It seems like a while that they have released beta version of the game on iOS, and many are still waiting for it to be on PC.  Typically, most game starts out on PC first, so this was a bit surprise.  However, considering Ascension was only on iOS, it may actually the most natural way for them to start out with.  In any event, it looks like we can now see a potential set date for the PC beta version.

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[Solforge] Is Animated Card a new Digital trading card game standard?

Well it didn’t take too long for Infinity Wars to keep its title as the only digital trading card game with animated card.  The Solforge is also working on it as well.

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[Solforge] $400k+ pledged card game

Summary: This is a digital card game which raised $400k+ kickstar pledge.  The official version is not out until April, but you can now grab a preview copy at Apple Store for your iPad.

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