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【Kickstarter】 World War II: TCG

New dTCG/dCCG are just keep coming.  Perhaps not all will see the light, and some may not even worth our time but as a fan of dTCG/dCCG, this is a good trend.  More games there are, more options for everyone.  Today, I am writing a brief preview of a new dTCG that is currently on Kickstarter, called World War II: TCG.

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Carte ~First Impression~

Summary: This is not related to Shadow Era.  This is yet another digital TCG that I just recently found.  The game has relatively high similarity to Shadow Era with its own pros and cons.  But overall the game seems really good and definitely thought worth mentioning so people who have similar interest as myself can at least try and see your own.  The game is officially launched in US about one week ago.

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