Sample Unit ~ Incarnation Unit ~

Summary:  Here is another sample Unit from EOJ Connection.  This time Unit is based on Sword of Juno’s incarnation ability.

Unit Contents 


187. Sword of Juno + α


Incarnation is an ability to summon a creature over another allied creature by paying net mana cost difference between the incarnating creature and the sacrificed creature.  The benefit of this ability is to reduce overall summoning cost of incarnating creature.  The major disadvantages of this ability  are followings:

1) Incarnated creature cannot attack during the turn it is summoned.
*Exception to the rule is the use of attack spells.

2) Incarnation is replacement of existing allied creature; therefore, will not increase # of fields occupied.

Understanding these two disadvantages are the key to truly utilize incarnation ability.  Because newly incarnated creature cannot attack upon its summoning, most cases you are using incarnated creature’s on-board ability rather than its attack.   Recall that Sword of Juno has ability to  subtract 2 from the Attack of enemy creatures within the 2 fields in front of it.

Since incarnation is replacing an existing creture on board, you do not want to replace a creature that has full health with great use.  For example, Great Minos (Attack 2 fields by 2 points with only 1 mana cost) is not good sacrificing creature.

In general rule of thumb, good sacrificing creature has great upon summoning ability but not much use afterward.

In the recent EOJ Connection Article, Asahara showed two example Incarnation Units.

α = Moving Isle of Kadenaカデナの動く島

Kadena’s ability to steal mana from opponent makes this creature one of the best card in the game; however, once it has done its job, it is Fortress so it cannot voluntarily attack opponents.  Definitely great sacrificing target.

柳楽衆 忌の太刀α = Darksword Samurai

This creature has a great attack power upon its summoning; however, it has negative effect on allied creatures while it is on the board.  Incarnating over this creature will allow you to use its high attack power upon summoning and not worry about its negative affect on other allied creatures.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sandcommand on June 4, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    awww dude this is a huge part of my current tournament deck. Why you gotta publish these strategys. :$

    Best core unit strat right now is this + a few verzar golem for early game removal


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