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【Kickstarter】 World War II: TCG

New dTCG/dCCG are just keep coming.  Perhaps not all will see the light, and some may not even worth our time but as a fan of dTCG/dCCG, this is a good trend.  More games there are, more options for everyone.  Today, I am writing a brief preview of a new dTCG that is currently on Kickstarter, called World War II: TCG.

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【HEX】Deep Into the Mechanics: Divide dTCG into Purely Turn Based vs. Dynamic Interactive Play

I have pretty much touched this same subject in the past on my Wishmour series, but today I have written this on Utopian Chaos site.  The reason of writing this (again?) is simple.  It’s because of this week’s card spoiler.

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【dTCG】 Resource System Comparison

So now I’m not only writing for HEXRealms, but also Utopian Chaos.  Yes. I’m popular!  Maybe because I’m free…..

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