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Tech Review has its own site now

Since my most of late posts are tech related, I have created own blog.

If you are interested, please go to Tech Focus.


Migrating to new server

Dear all visitors,

In order to have a bit more flexibility for my future write ups i.e. making all Japanese blogs and English blog into single administrative account, potentially creating Wiki specific for certain dTCG/dCCG, I am migrating to different server and along with it I got a new domain.  If you like this blog, please bookmark my new site:

Thank you for visiting!

【Warlords of Terra】Guaranteed Beta Pass

As you can tell how excited I am about this particular game and hate to admit, but there is a fair chance the Kickstarter of this project may not succeed.  However, even in a such event, developer now made a statement to promise at least closed beta access to those (attempted) backers.

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【Warlords of Terra】 ~ Immolation ~

Another Champion, another strategy.  This time it seems like rather a type of Control archetype deck.

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【HEX】 Core System Change

Tomorrow, we will have a patch with some main core system change in the game.

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【Zems】How to Solve Alpha Launcher Issue

Perhaps, it may be just my computer but I have had issues lauching alpha application for Zems Online Card Game.  It’s an easy fix as long as you know what’s causing problem.  So in an event, anyone else having similar issue here it is.

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【Warlords of Terra】 New Hero ~Summoner~

What do you expect summoner to do?  I expect them to summon something.  That’s what exactly Lutien, Master Summoner does.  Here is a spoiler of Terra Hero.

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【DTCG/DCCG】 What’s the ideal business model?

It looks like the Zems developer is at the stage they are seriously considering changing their business model from Free to play digital CCG to buy once business model.   Earlier this year, Duelyst CCG successfully completed its kickstarter with original business model of Buy once but later they decided to switch to Free to Play model.  So what’s the right answer?  Why did one company switch from one to another, and now the other company is looking to switch from the other way around?   Let’s take a closer look about this topic as a player point of view.

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【Warlords of Terra】 Now on Steam Greenlight

The game is now on the steam greenlight.  Although there are still over two weeks of kickstarter campaign remaining the pace of pledge looks like had been stalled.  I believe main reason behind the relative lack of support is lack of advertisement/publicity of the game.  So hopefully, Steam Greenlight will help that.

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【Warlords of Terra】True tradig system?

WOT started as dCCG and quickly changed to dTCG.  It was a major change that tipped me to be a strong believer and supporter of this game.  But it was undeniable fact that there was a bit concern about how would this be exactly implemented.  It could have been compromised system with just a name of trading system.  However, this concern is over.  What we will see in WOT trading system is not a real trading system but it takes things at a level beyond.

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